My Tools


The knitting machines

Both manual and electronic machines are vital in my rooms.

I spend most of my time with my electronic Silver Reed SK 840 combined with ribber SRP 60N, connected to my laptop by the Silver Link 5. This machine gives endless possibilities for different stitches and techniques, and inspire me to constantly experimenting and numerious swatches.

Electric cone winder and electric linker/kettler from Hague makes my designer life more easy.

The same applies to the colourchanger - couldn´t do without it.

Computer programme

I have the complete DesignaKnit 8 programme from SoftByte UK installed on my laptop. I use it a lot. And it is also in this programme I make all my electronic stitch- and shapepatterns that I can help you with.

And the camera is always close at hand

More machinery and tools

Sewingmachine and serger/overlockmachine are also central.

I use the Janome Horizion Memory Craft 7700 QCP sewingmachine and the Janome BabyLock serger. And I´m happy about them.



Skogvegen 46, 2318 Hamar, Norway


Phone: +47 90046557

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