SWATCHES - from chaos to system

SWATCHES - from chaos to system

I am sure we´ve all done it; starting a knitting project, knitting and assembling for hours, to find out the garment does not fit at all.

Or you have made a swatch, written the info on at post-it note and lost the post-it note, so next time you have to make the swatch all over again.

Or you have tons of samples stacked in baskets or boxes, and you spend hours searching for the right one you need just now.

Or you maybe trust your brain, thinking “I will remember” how to do the same technique next time.

Been there and done that. You end up spending both time and money in vain.

I´ve made a great system for labelling and organizing my swatches, and have the same filingsystem on my laptop, and now I don´t have any swatching chaos anymore.

 I´m happy to share it with you.

Også på norsk/in Norwegian:

Endelig en løsning og system på alle dine prøvelapper:

Jeg har laget et system for merking og oppbevaring av dine prøvelapper som gjør det slutt på alle mistede post-it-lapper og timevis av leting etter den prøvelappen du lagde i forrige måned.

Og du har systemet for evig og alltid. Du finner både en norsk og engelsk versjon som er tilpasset både manuell utfylling eller elektronisk på pc´n.

Jeg sender deg også en detaljertt brukerveiledning med gode tips. Du kan bestille ved å klikke på ORDER HERE, eller gå rett til kontaktskjema. Pris 50. Du kan betale med Vipps eller PayPal.

Some of my binders packed with swatches stay happily in an old Asian chest.

It´s so easy

All you need is a laptop or computer or not, a printer or a copymachine is needed.

A filing system could not be more easy.


And - it is fun - to proudly show off your swatches in a nice order.

To the left you can see the back of another lace label, and to the right is what you see on the front when you lift up the same swatch.

You can go  to my contact form and order this new labelling and filing system. Please tell if you want the English or the Norwegian version. And I will send you all you need, userguide included. And you can use it over and over again.

The price is 5 euro, or 50 please pay by PayPal

Here you see the front of the label on one of my swatches.



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