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In addition to the One of a kind I also make designs produced in limited numbers. No mass production.These can be custom made and based on your size. I also make a few interior products.

Never letting go of my high standards of quality, originality and fitting of my products and services. Pure wool, silk and cashmere are my preferred yarns. They give the luxury feel of the garments and make them last a long time.

Two piece

Sleeveless pullover and skirt made in 100% Highland wool in various techniques.

Sizes and colours on your request.


Soft 100% lambswool knitted in rib techniques.

One size. Colours on your request.


Sideway knitted in tuck stitch, 100% Highland wool.

Sizes and colours on your request.


Two coloured pillows knitted in Fair Isle technique in 100% Highland wool.

Sizes and colours on your request.

Big cowl

Tuck stitches in three colours knitted in 100% Supersoft wool.

Colour combinations and sizes on your request.

Sinnataggen is a famous sculpture

in Oslo made by Gustav Vigeland.

Two piece cowl and skirt

100% Highland wool knitted in

double jacquard technique.

Sizes and colours on your request.

Cardigan inspired by Sinnataggen

Sideway knitted cardigan with sculptured sleeves in 100% Highland wool. Zipper in front.

Sizes and colours on your request.



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